Magis was established in 1976 by Eugenio Perazza in the north east of Italy. Magis has engaged a number of high profile designers including Stefano Giovannoni, Ron Arad, Philippe Starck, and Zaha Hadid to provide the consumer with practical, functional, and often fun products.

Today, Magis is a ‘factory-free’ organization; outsourcing their manufacturing to contractors and craftspeople with the appropriate expertise and skills. This allows Magis to be flexible in their research and development activities without being restricted by the skills and equipment that they own, enabling the company to be technologically sophisticated and innovative in their use of materials and production techniques. For example, the Sparkling chair uses the same material and manufacturing process as water bottles and uses high pressure air to provide the strength in the design.

The Puppy stool is part of the Me Too range of furniture and accessories which was established in 2004 to enable children to experience the creativity of recognised designers. The collection is not just scaled-down furniture; it encourages designers to view the world and the objects within it through the eyes of a child. The collection is also built on the scientific consultancy of pedagogy experts including Edward Melhuish, Professor of Human Development at the University of London.

Products by Magis can be seen in the permanent collections of many international museums including MoMA in New York, the V&A in London, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.