Re:formed plastics

With Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as the mantra of the moment, we are all encouraged to do our bit to help the environment and it has never been easier to join in.

Plastics account for 7% of the waste produced in the UK and local councils are taxed on the amount of landfill they use, the pressure is on for us all to maximise the potential of the commodity of recyclable material.

This exhibition takes a look at the imaginative alternative solutions to landfill and incineration as the final destination of our unwanted plastics. It considers some of the ways we can lessen the impact modern life has on the environment by innovative uses of design in plastic. It looks at the imaginative ways plastics are given a new life and how in their recycled form they can become a thing of beauty and of how from the ashes of mass production a work of art can emerge. Transformed beyond recognition plastics can be given a new identity. Where they once began life as a container for liquids, repurposed they can become an insulating fibre for the home or the body.

We hope you too will reconsider waste plastics. Are they really the blight on the environment that they are often thought to be, or have they just had a bad press and they can in fact provide us with a challenging and useful resource?

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