From the most everyday objects to the most extraordinary creations, it’s hard to imagine a world without plastic. It’s so universal it’s almost invisible. Yet plastic shapes our lives.

Peter Fowler's figure

The MyPlastic/ project shines a new light on this material by exploring the often highly personal relationship we have with it.

From a therapeutic salad spinner that whirrs like a train. To a cheap garden chair that becomes a sanctuary in a burned out compound in the Congo. To a penguin deity that feeds off plankton and brews the best beer, ever.

These are the plastic stories of designers, humanitarian documentary makers, scenographers, animators, monster makers, academics and astronauts. Stories of objects that are loaded with emotions, memories and meaning.

MyPlastic/ was created by the AUB Marketing Team in collaboration with MoDiP.

We would like to thank all the participants. The objects on display are on loan from them or from the Museum’s collection.

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