About us

MoDiP is grateful to Research England for its support in recognition of MoDiP's unique and significant contribution to national and international research and scholarship.


Designation, Research England, and Museum Accreditation logos

MoDiP is the only UK Accredited museum with a focus on plastics.  Its purpose is to use its Designated collection to develop understanding of the value of plastics within historical, contemporary, and sustainable contexts.

The museum’s audiences include researchers and academics within and beyond the AUB, museum professionals, the design and plastics industries, and the wider public of all ages in the UK and elsewhere.


  • Wants to show how valuable plastics, as a materials group, can be when used appropriately.
  • Acknowledges the negative impact the poor use and disposal of plastics materials has on the environment and health.
  • Believes that by learning from the past, manufacturers, designers, and consumers can make better informed choices.

Find out more about the museum and how to view the collection go to the getting to know MoDiP pages.