MoDiP is a specialist research resource of Arts University Bournemouth.  We are committed to increasing the stock of knowledge relating to the design, manufacture, consumption and disposal of objects made of plastics. We are also committed to developing pedagogic research around object-based learning.

The resource

The resource consists of:

  • the collections which include objects made of natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic plastics.
  • a large collection of photographs showing manufacturing, marketing and the employees of one of the first British firms to successfully manufacture in plastics.
  • a reference library and archival material relating to the subject matter.
  • the staff, who will be pleased to discuss your research with you. 

If you would like to use any images from the website in your research please see our image request page.

Who we welcome

We welcome researchers and doctoral students undertaking all types of research. This can range from traditional systematic inquiry through to practice-based, where the creative artefact is the basis of the contribution to knowledge, and practice-led, where the research primarily leads to new understandings about practice.

Access to the research facilities is free and there is a large, attractive study space in which to conduct your research. To ensure that you get the most out of your visit, we suggest you make an appointment, allowing 48 hours notice prior to your visit. We are happy to arrange for you to view the objects in the collection and/or to access our library collection. Appointments are available from 10 – 4pm weekly. For more information about visiting MoDiP as an external researcher see the access page.

Group visits are also welcome.