Knowledge exchange between the museum and the plastics industry is a high priority for MoDiP.

We are keen to work with key organisations, manufacturers, material producers, machinery makers and designers in the industry to show how they have transformed design in plastics and record their specific contributions to the canon of design.

The benefits of collaboration are extensive and mutual. For example:

  • You may have an extensive collection of artefacts that is not catalogued or appropriately stored. We can provide advice and support in terms of documenting, storing and preserving artefacts for the future.
  • You may have an extensive archive that is of historical importance. We can present a timeline of your company’s contribution within the wider context of plastics achievements.
  • Exhibitions of your company’s products will open them up to new student and researcher audiences.
  • You may like to co-host a seminar with us either at your premises or ours.

We would also like to hear how you would like to work with us.

Please do contact us at