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MoDiP is delighted to be supported by RPC Group Ltd. 

The company

RPC was established in the UK in 1991 but is now an international plastics design and engineering company specialising in packaging in its broadest sense. As of January 2018 it had a total of 194 operations in 34 countries. Its large global footprint means it is well placed to support customers on a local, national and international basis.

Its product range encompasses food and beverage packaging; non-food packaging and industrial containers; personal care packaging including dispensing systems; healthcare products and technical components, for example, products using rotational moulding technology for components of speciality vehicles.

A distinguishing feature of the company is that it has the experience and facilities to undertake all phases of product creation from understanding the client’s needs to turning them into a finished product. It manufactures in all the plastics industry’s main processes: injection moulding, blow moulding, thermoforming, rotational moulding and blow film extrusion, combining processes if that is the best solution.

The RPC Group is passionate about innovation both in terms of the design of its products and its state-of-the-art processes. It is also committed to sustainability. It strives to develop innovative solutions that provide sustainability benefits at every stage of a product's life. It believes in Lifecycle thinking and, thus, that the emphasis of sustainable manufacture should not rest entirely on end-of-life solutions. It does however support initiatives to increase plastics recycling and the use of recycled plastics in the countries where recycling is in operation.


MoDiP is delighted to be able to present an exhibition showcasing five contrasting products designed and manufactured by of RPC. They demonstrate RPC’s innovative approach and provide insight into the very many factors that influence the design and manufacture of packaging in plastics.