MoDiP collection

All objects in the MoDiP collection relate in someway to our plastics focus, in addition they conform to one of three other criteria:

  • be an interesting design,
  • provide insight into the society of which it was a part, or
  • be documented in such a way that it adds to plastics history

Fashion and costume

A collection of garments and accessories showing the development and use of plastics and synthetic fibres in everyday fashion. There is also an extensive collection of supporting printed material including magazines, brochures and sewing and knitting patterns.


An ever growing collection of artefacts, the design and production of which has been significantly influenced by the particular properties and capabilities of plastics, including computers, radios and other audio-visual equipment, calculators and telecommunications equipment.

Toys & Games

A wide range of toys and games in which plastics have played a significant role.

Domestic artefacts and electrical equipment

A substantial collection of items of a practical and decorative nature, designed for the domestic environment. It includes vacuum cleaners, lighting, chairs, tableware, hairdryers etc.

Printed, Written and Drawn Material

MoDiP houses over 2,000 items of printed ephemera, much of which offers and insight into the significant role that plastics have played in society. Newspapers, magazines and trade brochures and catalogues

A great deal of contextual information is also retained by the museum in the form of leaflets, posters, photographs and books.

Sports, Leisure and Hobbies

Plastics have contributed dramatically to sporting achievement. They have improved the potential of sports equipment; they have helped to streamline athletes' bodies; they have enabled their muscles to be kept at the optimum temperature for optimum performance; and they have reduced injury. The collection includes equipment and sportswear with this in mind.

Building and Construction Services

A relatively new area for MoDiP, this part of the collection illustrates the significant impact and contribution plastics make on the building and construction industry. The use of recycled plastics materials which help to reduce the impact building and construction has on the environment are a particular area of interest.

The full Collection Development Policy can be downloaded below.