MoDiP collection

All objects in the MoDiP collection relate in some way to our plastics focus.  In addition, they conform to one of three other criteria:

  • to be an interesting design
  • to provide insight into the society of which they are a part, or
  • to be documented in such a way that they add to plastics' history

The collection comprises objects that describe a variety of uses and activities.  These take into account the clothes we wear, the games we play, and the environments in which we live. 

Objects include, but are not limited to; furniture, sports equipment and technical clothing, medical devices, materials for building and construction, as well as those made from sustainable resources or designed to protect the environment.  They aid in the understanding of the materials and manufacturing methods of the plastics industry, and are supported in this by a growing collection of archival material and a reference library, all of which can be viewed online and in the museum by request.

The full Collection Development Policy can be downloaded below.