National identity

Sweden, United Kingdom, Italy

MoDiP recently acquired a collection of Swedish design from the mid-20th century. Prompted by the clear stylistic character of the objects we began to think about the identifiable styles of other countries producing similar objects. Here we present objects from MoDiP's collections which were designed and produced in Sweden, the United Kingdom and Italy and the between the 1930s and the present day.

Swedish design is characterised by its simplicity of form and is motivated by a moral belief that good, ethically produced design should be accessible to all.

Design in the United Kingdom is considered to be pioneering, highly innovative and creative in its approach.

Drawing on a rich artistic and creative history and a strong industrial heritage, Italian design has become synonymous with all that is chic and is lauded for its craftsmanship.

Do these objects conform to the perceived design styles of their country of origin? Do you think they have a particular stylistic identity?

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