See through

See through

Objects are made to be see-through and to be seen through for a number of reasons.  Many plastics materials provide designers and manufacturers with translucency, or even complete transparency, alongside other invaluable properties, to create products that are suited to their specific purpose.

Plastics can provide good optical qualities where the use of glass might be inappropriate due to weight constraints or the danger of breakage.  They offer novelty, by exposing working mechanical parts, or whimsy, by allowing the user to show off themselves and their possessions.  Plastics have the ability to mimic other materials to the point where further investigation is required to confirm that they are, in fact, not the expected material.  The clarity of colour can both provide protection to the eye from sunlight and glare, and deliver beauty and aesthetic appeal. Transparent and translucent plastics also offer protection from contamination in see-through packaging and containers, and enable the medical and caring communities to monitor their patients with ease.

This exhibition explores the reasons why we want to be able to see through an object, be it to see what is inside, to be able to see out, or to improve our vision, and how plastics materials are applied to these situations.


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