See the way

When travelling at any speed it is always good to see where you are going, not only for the driver or rider but for the comfort of passengers too.  By fitting a child seat to the top tube of an adults bicycle the child is not protected from the airflow and road debris that they would be if they were sat behind the rider.  The Polisport windshield (1) made of polycarbonate, a material known for its strength and clarity, is designed to be attached to the handlebars of the bicycle and is height adjustable.  It protects the child whilst at the same time allows them to see in front of them.


The replacement motorbike windscreen (2) does not protect the rider in the same way but it helps to smooth the airflow making the bike and rider more aerodynamically efficient.  Being see-through allows the rider to crouch down low, out of the wind, for greater speed and still see the road in front of them.


This Zero Gravity Double Bubble screen is made for a Ducati 1199 or 899 Panigale sports motorbike.  It is made of acrylic using specialised blow moulding techniques similar to those used to form aircraft canopies.  This process results in superior strength and flexibility which allows the windscreen to absorb road vibrations and resist cracking.  According to the company, this process also results in the screens featuring the best optics of any screen on the market.  Most other replacement screens are pressed from a flat sheet, resulting in a distorted view.