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The healthcare profession can be very dangerous with the risk of contamination from extremely sick patients.  Full-face masks (1) worn alongside a respirator and goggles has been approved for such a risky environment and protects the wearer from impact, chemical splash, and airborne debris. The large clear shield does not impede the wearer’s vision enabling them to continue to provide the care required.


Other medical devices are transparent or translucent to enable the caregiver to monitor what is going in to, or coming out of, a patient’s body.  Clear pipes and tubing (2 - 3) show if fluids are the appropriate colour, consistency, and are free-flowing.  Clear packaging (4) showcases the contents at a glance.  This stops the inappropriate handling of sterile equipment and contamination by dirt or disease.


Nebulizers provide aerosolized humidification or medication for patients to inhale.  The mask (5) is clear so that the patient can been seen, and to reduce their distress of feeling enclosed and restricted, helping them to feel more comfortable


Measuring cups (6 - 7) and syringes (8 - 9) show how much medicine will enter the body.  The colourless or translucent body of the dispenser along with markings mean that a clear and accurate dosage is administered.  The autotrasfusion bag (10) is designed to be used during autologous blood transfusion.  This process uses the collection and reinfusion of a patient’s own blood for volume replacement.


The monitoring of fluids produced by the body acts as an indicator of the health of a patient.  Mucus extractors (11) are used for the aspiration of secretion from the oro-pharynx in new-born babies to ensure free respiration, or to obtain mucus specimen for microbiological examination.  Urine output measurement (12 - 14) is a vital part of patient monitoring and can be an indicator of major problems that might not be apparent during a physical exam.  The look, weight, and amount of urine excreted offers important information about a patient’s overall status.