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Since the 1970s plastic has been the most widely used material. It is comprehensively integrated into our daily lifestyles and its use has had a major influence on product form and function. Mass produced plastic things flood the market, many having no identifying maker or designer's name, or manufacturing company, attached with the result that the popular perception of such largely anonymous design is of low cost, low quality, kitsch.

However, in stark contrast, many renowned designers have exploited this versatile material in its many forms, used it to great effect and are proud to put their name to it. Likewise some companies have made their names by focussing specifically on manufacture in plastics and others have made their reputations by exploiting specific characteristics of plastics that distinguish them from traditional materials.

In this exhibition, MoDiP puts the spotlight on the work of designers and familiar companies whose use of plastic has been significant in the products we showcase. Shunning the 'poor relation' attitude to plastic, seemingly no expense has been spared in the production of high quality, well designed products with plastics playing the starring role.

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