Spotlight on... 2


This is the second in a series of exhibitions that puts the spotlight on manufacturers and designers who embrace plastics as a material of value.

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Mass produced anonymous plastic products flood the market. Many have no maker or designer's name attached, the result being that the popular perception of such objects is that they are of low cost and low quality.

However, in stark contrast, many designers and companies have exploited this versatile material, used it to great effect, and are proud to put their names to it. As materials and manufacturing technologies have evolved, designers have begun to realise the possibilities it offers and have created objects that have come to be regarded as design icons. Consequently, many objects made from plastics materials are now to be found in major museum collections across the world and, although produced in quantity, such objects are held in high regard.

In this exhibition, we explore the works of designers such as Zaha Hadid and Verner Panton, and manufacturing companies including Kartell and Materialise. See Spotlight on... for the manufacturers and designers featured in the first exhibition.

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