Provocative plastics?


discuss, debate, deliberate

Plastics are used worldwide in design and manufacturing. Their use divides opinion and has many proponents and undoubtedly as many opponents. Nevertheless it is a group of materials which has enabled social, technological and medical advancement and offers infinite possibilities to designers.

This exhibition showcases objects from MoDiP’s collections which illustrate differing comments on design and plastics made by historical and contemporary artists, designers and social commentators.

Both design and plastics elicit strong opinion. Do you see creativity or kitsch? Problems or opportunities? Waste or resources? Here is an opportunity for you to discuss, debate, and deliberate.

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I think that as long as society associates power, respect, style, success and desirability with acquiring material objects and always having the new version, we will be incapable of responsibly using materials for sustainability.  Rosanna


Great exhibition, really interesting.  Lucy


This is interesting as the items are from everyday life.  Edith


Plastic is an incredible material that we are still finding new things for. There’s no doubt it’ll be crucial in the inventions of the future.  Lewis


Interesting exhibition it shows the potential that plastic has with design.  Jay


Shows versatility and the mundane.  Katie


Plastics have allowed us to achieve beautiful shapes.  Nick


Interesting to see the many uses and designs on plastics, especially the hat that looks like wool.  Charlie


It was amazing to see how deceptive plastic has been. It can imitate so many things, some of the products just look really cool and fun.  Ruth


I found it extraordinary how many objects and materials plastics can fake.  Max


Interesting to see how plastics can imitate many different materials but also the unsustainability of plastic and how they can be unhelpful.  Pheobe


Plastics are often controversial as materials but here it showcases exactly why they are used so much.  Jasmine

Case no. 1 >