Polyphonic: music through plastics


The word polyphonic describes music that is created by the coming together of different voices. These voices could be generated by humans, traditional instruments, or electronically. This exhibition explores how music can be played, broadcast, and listened to through plastics.

Polyphonic object details

Musical instruments made of plastics materials are robust, offer excellent sound qualities, and are less sensitive to changes in the environment than their traditional equivalents. Being more financially accessible, these instruments allow the playing of music to be available to a wider variety of people than ever before.

Through plastics, music can be broadcast to the nation, shared with a few friends, or enjoyed alone. Plastics provide the electrically insulated and durable housings for the ever-changing technology within our radios and media-playing devices.

Music is a shared human experience, cutting across all social barriers. The use of plastics materials, with their truly democratising effect, enhances the ability for everyone to participate in, and enjoy music in all its forms.

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