See clearly

Protecting the eyes is of paramount importance in extreme conditions.  In these situations, a pair of specially designed goggles or a tinted lens to act as a barrier to the environment, is essential.  Plastics are lightweight, can be shaped and moulded to fit the contours of the body, and materials such as polycarbonate are extremely strong, so they are perfectly suited to the job.  

This versatile motocross helmet (1), with a carbon fibre composite shell, offers safety, comfort, and lightness and can be used in any conditions.  The large visor, made from non-scratch, anti-fog polycarbonate (PC), the opening chin air intake, the ventilation, and the aerodynamic design, all make it comfortable for road touring whilst the adjustable peak design and the possibility of use with the mask, make this a helmet suitable for unpaved roads. 


The downhill cycling goggles (2) also use polycarbonate to provide a strong, shatter resistant, lightweight lens.  They are designed to be used with a full face helmet and offer protection from flying grit and stones and tree branches. They offer 100% UV protection and have anti-fog and scratch  resistant coatings.


The polycarbonate Prizm™ lens of the snow goggles (3) controls light transmission in sun and cloudy conditions, maximizes contrast and enhances visibility by filtering out sun glare.  The lightweight polyurethane frame, with anti-fog vents, has a soft feel finish, and the open cell foam padding, with a Polar fleece lining, provides a comfortable fit to the face.


Both pairs of swimming goggles (4 - 5) also exploit the lightweight nature of PC for use in their design.  The anti-fog coatings are essential in the moist environment of the swimming pool.


The cellulose acetate face screen, fitted to the helmet (6 - 8), is made specifically for use in an industrial environment.  It is heat resistant and its colour enables it to be used when welding, reducing the risk of damage to the eye.  It’s full face design also offers protection when drilling and milling, and against gasses and splashes from chemicals.