Technical fabric

The combination of intelligent fabrics which respond to outside influences, specialist construction, and the integration of wireless technology have enabled the development of some significant performance enhancing clothing.

The Speedo Fastskin 3 Pro Kneeskin suit (1) is constructed using fabric which has multi-directional stretch characteristics, giving the swimmer ease and freedom of movement combined with compressive power to create an efficient body shape. It incorporates a network of seams and panels which provide targeted support to produce a hydrodynamic and neutral swimming position. The flat surface construction of the fabric and flat seams provide a reduction in resistance to the flow of water. The polyamide and elastane, from which the garment is made, naturally repel water thus reducing the weight of the suit in the water.


The UltraCORE top by Kathmandu (2) uses nanotechnology to create a yarn with permanent wicking properties, breathability, and fast drying times, to produce fabric for a thermal under garment which can be used all year round. The fabric, which is made up of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, is also infused with minerals and silver particles giving the garment permanent anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties.  This base layer garment is designed to be worn next to the skin, is lightweight, and has stretch allowing for full body movement whilst retaining shape.


The Waretech Men’s Gow smart sports shirt (3) has integrated textile cardiac sensors which measure the user's heart rate, calories, fat and carbohydrate burn, and sends this information to a small monitor which can be clipped to the t-shirt. The sensors are set into a tight fitting integrated chest band.  The specialist fabric, made from 92% polyamide with 8% elastane, manages moisture and heat generated by the body, and is of seamless knitted construction with printed rather than sewn in labels to reduce friction.


The Mover merino soft shell vest (4), designed as ski wear, is made from a laminate consisting of a Lycra® exterior, a Diaplex membrane and a merino wool lining. Diaplex is an advanced form of polyurethane made by Diaplex Co. Ltd. It is non-porous when cool but at a pre-ordained temperature becomes porous. It continually responds to temperature fluctuations assuring optimum comfort for the wearer.