Protective workwear

Some occupations can put a worker in danger if they do not wear appropriate safety equipment. These dangers can be in the form of airborne diseases, physical damage, chemical burns, and even fire. Plastics fabrics have been exploited and developed to make work places safer.

The healthcare professions can be very dangerous with the risk of contamination from extremely sick patients. The recent Ebola crisis in West Africa is a case in point. Full face masks such as the Honeywell Uvex Bionic Faceshield (1) worn alongside a respirator and googles has been approved for such a risky environment and protects the wearer from impact, chemical splash, and airborne debris.


Building sites are also dangerous places but the danger here is in the form of head injury. The classic, recognisable yellow hard hat (2) made from high density polyethylene offers durable and robust impact protection. Users of this type of headwear sometimes want to wear something warmer when the weather is cold and a hat more like their everyday attire. The First Base 3 Beanie bump cap (3) has an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene liner to provide a protection whilst the knitted acrylic cover provides the warmth and a more fashionable look. In the summer months a hat with more airflow is required to keep the head cool. The AirPro Baseball bump cap (4) has a liner and padding with ventilation holes allowing for a comfortable, protective hat.


The polyvinyl chloride coating on the knitted base fabric of the coveralls (5) along with the welded seams prevent chemicals being absorbed by clothing and coming into contact with the skin and causing significant irritation and damage.


Fire, particularly around flammable materials, is possibly one of the most frightening and immediate dangers in the workplace. The ArcoPro jacket (6) is made of Nomex® which is not only fire resistant, but also has anti-static properties. An electrostatic discharge spark could lead to the ignition of vapours, aerosols, or flammable liquids causing an explosion.