There are a number of occasions in our lives when a smart suit is required.  The cost of a bespoke wool and silk tailored garment can be prohibitive for many to purchase and maintain with regular trips to the dry cleaners.

This suit, shirt, and tie outfit (1 - 4) from Next retails today at a total of £109. This is an affordable price for many and as such it can easily be used as everyday office wear, and yet it is smart enough to be worn to a special occasion, such as a wedding.


The jacket and trousers are made completely of plastics fabrics with a mix of polyester and viscose. The polyester is a resilient, quick drying material whilst the viscose, which is another name for cellulose acetate, has a silk like shimmer and softness. The suit is also much lighter and cooler to wear than any natural alternative making it good for everyday wear. It is also machine washable, can be hung up to dry, and be ironed as necessary.

The shirt is made of a blend of polyester and cotton. Both of these materials offer specific benefits. The cotton is breathable and soft, whereas the polyester is quick drying, durable, and will crease less than cotton on its own.

The tie is 100% polyester and although looks like silk can again be washed, dried, and ironed more easily than its natural counterpart.

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