Vegetable: plant

In the modern world in which we commonly complain of being cash rich and time poor there is the possibility of acquiring something ready made which would otherwise take weeks, months or years to produce and then require high maintenance and have a limited life. The solution could be the imitation grass lawn, sports field, ornamental tree or plant, providing instant results, requiring little attention and is long lasting.

The polyethylene artificial grass manufactured by Artificial Grass Solutions (1 - 5) is made in a range of finishes for different applications for example an ornamental lawn or a sports field. Closely mimicking the appearance and feel of natural grass is not the only concern, the ease of maintenance and functionality has been a major consideration too.

The artificial topiary box tree (6) is made from individual sprigs of polyethylene leaves which are mounted onto a natural stem. Its appeal lies in its low maintenance and immediacy.


A long life is guaranteed for the fruit (7 - 8) which is made from expanded polystyrene which is formed to shape in a mould and a realistic looking PVC skin applied to its outer surface. They fool the eye into believing that a fresh supply of produce is always on hand with none of the natural decay that the real thing would suffer from. One of the more useful fruits is the very familiar Jif lemon (9). Used as a receptacle for the juice of the fruit which it imitates, the Jif lemon offers an ever ready supply of the culinary ingredient. Designed by Bill Pugh in 1954 it was one of the earliest applications for blow moulded polyethylene in the food industry. Its design has remained relatively unchanged since and has become a highly recognisable and distinctive product.