Sitting… on your bike

It is widely acknowledged that cycling has many health benefits. The wide range of seats which are designed to be attached to an adult bike encourage children to adopt a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

This Guppy mini seat (1) attaches to the front of an adult bicycle and will carry a child of up to 15kg in weight. Manufactured by Polisport in 2015, it was awarded an iF Design Award.  Front-mounted bicycle seats enable closer contact between adult and child compared to a rear-mounted seat. It is moulded in strong, lightweight, polypropylene (PP) which is easily cleaned, with metal mountings. It is fitted with textile seat pads and straps, and has soft shoulder strap pads made from polyurethane rubber (PUR).


The five-point adjustable safety harness and adjustable mouldings retain and protect the legs and feet. To protect the child from the elements various accessories may be added such as this windscreen (2) which attaches to the handlebars of the bike. It is made from lightweight, impact resistant polycarbonate (PC), a material known for its strength and clarity.