Sleep is extremely important for the brain development of a baby. Poor sleep can lead to mood swings, behavioural issues, such as hyperactivity, and cognitive problems. 

Being transparent, the polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) Magic Crib Giuli (1) means that the baby and parents are able to see each other without the obstructive bars associated with traditional cribs. Although this crib is only suitable for the baby until 6 months, it can be transformed into a desk or bookshelf.  As it is created from a single material, it can be easily recycled when it comes to the end of its useful life, making it suitable for parents wanting to follow an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Sleep bags (2) are designed to be used instead of blankets or covers. The soft polyester outer of this example offers a comfortable temperature for babies.  Fastening at the shoulder prevents it from rising up over the child’s face as they move.  This safety aspect, along with the baby being able to wake and return to sleep without having to be tucked in, offers peace of mind and convenience to the care giver.

Babies and toddlers wake in the night for many reasons. Cot rattles (3) and mobiles (4) help the child to be entertained or sooth themselves back to sleep.


The nightlight by Brother Max (5) has colour changing LEDs which help to comfort a child who is afraid of the dark. When the child needs to get up in the night the soft and tactile polyolefin elastomer (POE) rabbit can be picked up easily, carried to the bathroom, and then hung on the door handle.