April 2019

‘Bayko. The Original Plastic Building Sets’

24 April 2019
The objects in the collection of the Plastics Historical Society are cared for by MoDiP and from time to time additions to the collection come our way. As the museum’s Documentation Officer, it is my job to catalogue these items so that they can be made available for all to see via MoDiP’s website...
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Egg cups

17 April 2019
With Easter fast approaching, I was particularly pleased to find this little gem amongst objects recently acquired as part of the collection of the Plastics Historical Society. Small and perfectly formed, this small green egg contains two simple bases which push into the upturned half egg shells, to...
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Oxfam Jerry Bucket

10 April 2019
MoDiP has recently acquired this Oxfam Jerry Bucket, an improved version of the original 1998 design. Always intended as a safe water container as opposed to a multipurpose bucket, this 14L capacity, heavy duty, UV resistant, plastic water bucket has a tight-fitting lid, robust flat handle and clip...
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Nylon: ‘the durable and indestructible material of the people’

3 April 2019
In 1928 Wallace H. Carothers, an organic chemistry lecturer at Harvard University, joined DuPont, a chemical manufacturing company, to lead a research team identifying potential commercial uses for different polymers. After several years of experimentation, the chemists produced a material that...
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