May 2019


29 May 2019
I have recently been cataloguing a collection of archival material which was given to us by the son of the late industrial designer and pioneer in the use of plastics materials in product design A.H (Woody) Woodfull. The papers, which include a series of lecture notes, photographs, scrap books, and...
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Student Creative - Heida Jonsdottir

20 May 2019
This project started out from the inspiration I got from a blue bowl that is in the MoDiP collection. The idea was to take the shapes from the bowl and make garments that would represent the feel and movement of the pattern in the bowl. I used Clo3D to make my final outcome for this project. Clo3D...
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Eco-plastic Detective - part one

15 May 2019
We are all too familiar with the impact that the thoughtless use and disposal of plastics can have on our environment – so I thought I would develop a project for schools, to help children become more informed about plastics, become familiar with different types of plastics they encounter on a daily...
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8 May 2019
International Environmental Art Project between Lefkada Greece and Lymington UK 2019 Image credit: Trudi Lloyd Williams For eleven years I have been raising awareness about plastic marine pollution with conservation and environmental groups including the Wildlife Trusts and National Parks. I recycle...
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