October 2019

Sea change: how can museums turn the tide on ocean plastics?

30 October 2019
I was pleased to be invited by Dr Rupert Cole from the Science Museum, London, to take part in his panel session at the Museums Association’s conference. Inspired by the conference location on Brighton’s sea front, the session explored the issue of plastics, sustainability and the environment from...
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Memorable memories of the Museum’s Association Conference 2019

23 October 2019
I was lucky enough to attend one day of the Museums Association’s conference. It was remarkably environmentally conscious: name badges were not contained in plastics, only tapped water was on offer, all food was vegetarian, the programme was accessed solely online, and there were no wasteful goodie...
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The Colour Orange

16 October 2019
Orange, an uplifting colour of autumn among other things, apparently represents fascination, stimulation and creativity. So, I thought I would dip into the collection and find objects that are not only orange, but also have a fascinating purpose, will stimulate conversation about design in plastics...
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The Role of Canada in the Development of Plastic Furniture

9 October 2019
This is a welcome opportunity to share a significant story about Canadian furniture innovation. I'm a design historian in Australia, writing international furniture manufacturing history and global trade history. From 1996 to 2001 I was Curator of Canadian Decorative Arts and Post-1900 International...
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Output animations

2 October 2019
As part of MoDiP’s current exhibition ‘ Output’ , AUB Alumnus Jody Sweeney, BA (Hons) Visual Communication, was employed to create a series of visual explanations of the sometimes rather complex plastics manufacturing processes. These accompany the objects on display in MoDiP from 13th September...
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