March 2019

Revolution: environmentally conscious design in plastics

27 March 2019
We have recently opened our latest exhibition, Revolution: environmentally conscious design in plastics. It is an exhibition that has been inspired by the devastating images of plastics waste in oceans and streets, and is our way of highlighting the value of a material group that is so easily...
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Student Creative - Adalheidur Agusta Jonsdottir

13 March 2019
When making a pattern it can be interesting to use shapes from real life. The bowl that I used as my inspiration had a lovely bubbly shape to it. At first, for my Final Major Project, I was going to use Lectra - a pattern cutting software - to make the skirt. Then I started playing around with...
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Student Creative - Fiona McTaggart

5 March 2019
The last couple of months have taken me on a journey of discovery, in pursuit of making my heroic doll for paediatric cardiac patients. Recently this has seemed even more pertinent as February has been ‘heart month’ with social media flooded with stories from those waiting on the transplant list or...
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