Rethread - Guess the material

10 July 2024

Its installation week for our new exhibition, Rethread. As we get everything set up and fitted, we thought it would be fun to give you all a teaser of some of objects on display. Below are some close-up photos of four collection items, all made with uncommon and sustainable materials. Can you guess what the material is for each item?

You can check your answers by exploring the Rethread exhibition in person starting this Friday, July 12th, or stay up to date with future blog posts in which we delve further into each unique topic for this exhibition.

Close up of Bloom shoes

Hint: This material is composed from one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. 

close up of the Guess dress

Hint: This material is recycled from a plastic source you likely encounter every day. 

Close up of the mango blouse

Hint: This object is sustainably made from a material source that grows in the forest.

Close up of the Ashoka Paris and Bolt Threads wallet

Hint: The root structure of a commonly consumed ingredient was utilized in the material of this object. 

We hope this little sneak peak sparked your interest and we look forward to sharing this exhibition with you all. 

Shannon Carr, 

MoDiP, Collections Officer