Student Creative: Ellie Jones

18 December 2019
I am­ an MA Illustration student and I am very grateful for the opportunity of working with the MoDiP collection. What first drew my interest was the collection of old photographs from British factories, they are mostly black and white and show an age when plastics became really popular – the 70s...
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Student Creative: Judith Allen

11 December 2019
I was incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to be a student creative for MoDiP this year. When it came to choosing where to do my MA in illustration, MoDiP was one of the main assets that drew me to studying at AUB. Having a museum with a rich history of design and an extensive collection...
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Student Creative: Jak Hansford

4 December 2019
I was really pleased to get the chance to write a proposal for the Student Creative project with MoDiP. As an Undergraduate at the Arts University Bournemouth, I was able to familiarise myself with MoDiP and the collection it houses. Using the fantastic objects on offer, I was inspired to kick start...
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27 November 2019
We all need permission to play sometimes…permission to down tools, permission to stop worrying about deadlines and permission to well, just have a bit of (very sociable) fun. That was partly the idea behind Playtime, but we also saw it as a way of welcoming students into our wonderful museum space -...
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Le Mans

20 November 2019
The cinema release of the film Le Mans 66 starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale this week transported me back to June this year when I experienced the historical race for the first time. The 24hours of Le Mans is a motor race not just of speed but of endurance too. The fastest car is not guaranteed...
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The dynamic Hokki stool

13 November 2019
MoDiP has recently added a Hokki stool to the collections, donated by the designer John Harding who graduated from AUB in 1991 having studied HND Industrial Design. The Hokki has been designed as a flexible, physical learning aid to counter traditional views that educational seating should be rigid...
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Stair carpet clips

6 November 2019
Recently acquired by the museum is a set of arrow head design ‘XL Grip’ bakelite (phenol formaldehyde) stair clips. A mundane but practical everyday item in the 1920s when these examples were produced, they are a reminder of my childhood days when the stair carpet in our 1950s family home was held...
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Sea change: how can museums turn the tide on ocean plastics?

30 October 2019
I was pleased to be invited by Dr Rupert Cole from the Science Museum, London, to take part in his panel session at the Museums Association’s conference. Inspired by the conference location on Brighton’s sea front, the session explored the issue of plastics, sustainability and the environment from...
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Memorable memories of the Museum’s Association Conference 2019

23 October 2019
I was lucky enough to attend one day of the Museums Association’s conference. It was remarkably environmentally conscious: name badges were not contained in plastics, only tapped water was on offer, all food was vegetarian, the programme was accessed solely online, and there were no wasteful goodie...
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The Colour Orange

16 October 2019
Orange, an uplifting colour of autumn among other things, apparently represents fascination, stimulation and creativity. So, I thought I would dip into the collection and find objects that are not only orange, but also have a fascinating purpose, will stimulate conversation about design in plastics...
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