January 2019

Student Creative: Animation Team

30 January 2019
As animation students, our project revolves around bringing animation into a more physical dimension by using plastics. We plan to do this by producing a 3D printed zoetrope using characters modelled and animated within the computer. What is a Zoetrope? Paper Zoetrope - Source: http://www...
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Student Creative: Heida Jonsdottir

23 January 2019
Jelly Plate AIBDC: 006877 As I walked into the MoDiP museum, one particular thing caught my eye. A beautifully crafted, semi-transparent bowl with flowing features and a blueish hue. I returned a few times to the museum, but I was always drawn to this bowl. The pattern of the bowl and its blue...
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Student Creative: Fiona McTaggart

16 January 2019
I am a part time student in my first year of the MA Illustration course at AUB. I am very pleased to have been given the opportunity to promote the Museum of Design in Plastics. I seek to do this through the exploration of plastics in paediatric cardiac treatment and care, as well as their use in...
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Blowing our own pTrumpet

7 January 2019
Whether plastic or otherwise, maybe MoDiP does indeed need to be blowing its own trumpet a bit more than it has done of late – just like Lighthouse , Poole, has been doing during 2018, to celebrate its 40th birthday. pTrumpet As we launch into 2019, we reflect on how MoDiP has played an important...
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2 January 2019
A few weeks ago, the MoDiP team visited the London Design Fair. One of the exhibitions caught our eyeand we asked them to tell us more abut their project. Julia Pulman (Engagement Officer) #1minuteLamp: a world of discovering materials Installation setup. Photo © Marleen Sleeuwits during TodaysArt...
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