February 2019

Plastics & the home front

27 February 2019
MoDiP’s latest exhibition Plastics & the home front accompanies Dazzle & The Art of Defence currently on display in TheGallery until 25th April 2019. With the main exhibition concentrating on the military aspect of defence, MoDiP wanted to explore the museum’s plastics collections from the...
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Plastics at War

21 February 2019
MoDiP is proud to be able to contribute to TheGallery, AUB, exhibition Dazzle & The Art of Defence . Following AUB’s collaborative contribution to Dazzle: Disguise and Disruption in War and Art, curated by James Taylor and held at the St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery in Lymington, this major new...
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13 February 2019
Recent acquisitions to the museum’s collections include these three commemorative plaques from the 1930s, dedicated to members of the royal family of the Netherlands and to Anton Philips, founder of Philips Electronics. The plaques are made from Philite compression moulded urea formaldehyde and...
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Bike Helmets

6 February 2019
Just before Christmas I foolishly dropped my bicycle helmet causing a large split to the inner foam. Having compromised the integrity of the helmet, I knew it would no longer provide adequate protection and I was going to have to go shopping for a new one. I did some online research to get...
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