Seen and unseen - Last chance

3 July 2024

Hello all,

It has been a very busy past few weeks for the MoDiP team as we prepare to launch our new exhibition. This exhibition, Rethread, focuses on the use of sustainable materials and methods in the fashion and textile industry. Items that were manufactured using biobased materials or intelligently designed for extended use will be displayed alongside clothing items that reflect new and innovative production techniques which significantly reduce production waste and negative environmental impacts. This exhibition will open on Friday, July 12th and remain on display until January 3rd, 2025. We strongly encourage everyone to come experience the exhibition in person, but we will also be updating the website with an online version of the exhibition for ease of access. Stay tuned for regular blogs that go more in depth on the stimulating topics in this exhibition as well.

circles for the Seen and Unseen exhbition

A few closeups of items currently on display in the Seen and Unseen exhibition

Unfortunately, with one exhibition going up, one must come down. This week will be your last chance to view the current exhibition, Seen and Unseen, in person. Focused on how plastics are so present in our day-to-day life that they’re often overlooked, this exhibition provides a unique perspective on how plastics have influenced the modern human experience and how we can continue to make more sustainable choices when manufacturing new plastic objects. If your unable to see this exhibit in person, don’t fret, an online version of it with all the displayed items can be found on our website along with previous blog posts that go further into detail on each theme.

Shannon Carr,

MoDiP Collections Officer