Oxfam Jerry Bucket

10 April 2019
MoDiP has recently acquired this Oxfam Jerry Bucket, an improved version of the original 1998 design. Always intended as a safe water container as opposed to a multipurpose bucket, this 14L capacity, heavy duty, UV resistant, plastic water bucket has a tight-fitting lid, robust flat handle and clip-on cap.


Image credit: https://supplycentre.oxfam.org.uk/oxfam-jerry-bucket-14-litre---200-pce-948-p.asp
Agency workers started to observe people using the bucket without the lid - an integral feature for the transport and storage of safe drinking water. The previous cap had been so small, that filling the bucket from a tap, pump or spring had been too difficult, resulting in the lid being removed and inevitably never replaced. The buckets then began to be used for carrying food and washing clothes. Consequently, Oxfam redesigned the lid to include a rim-lock system, so once snapped onto the bucket it is very difficult to remove. The cap opening was also made bigger to not only ease filling but allow easy access for cleaning.

Made from polyethylene, the bucket offers a safe solution for water storage, protecting from pollution and further contamination. It has become established worldwide as a standard safe water container, and is used by many other relief agencies including the UN and the Red Cross.

We would like to thank Oxfam for donating this bucket to the MoDiP collections - and you will soon be able to see it on display in the 'About Plastics' case in the museum.

Katherine Pell, Museum Collections Officer.