Museums Change Lives

Museum Week 2024 - Biodiversity

5 June 2024
This week we are celebrating museums and cultural organizations around the globe by participating in Museum Week 2024. Each day of this week is set apart with a unique theme that encourages art and culture centres, such as MoDiP, to highlight aspects of their collection and everyday activities...
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Your five a day

9 September 2020
Inspired by our current #anappleaday social media campaign for September, I thought why not show how our collections can encourage us to reach the ultimate healthy-eating goal, and go the whole hog (not a great expression for a vegetarian) with a blog post featuring your 'five a day' fruit and veg...
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Memorable memories of the Museum’s Association Conference 2019

23 October 2019
I was lucky enough to attend one day of the Museums Association’s conference. It was remarkably environmentally conscious: name badges were not contained in plastics, only tapped water was on offer, all food was vegetarian, the programme was accessed solely online, and there were no wasteful goodie...
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Eco-plastic Detective - part one

15 May 2019
We are all too familiar with the impact that the thoughtless use and disposal of plastics can have on our environment – so I thought I would develop a project for schools, to help children become more informed about plastics, become familiar with different types of plastics they encounter on a daily...
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Oxfam Jerry Bucket

10 April 2019
MoDiP has recently acquired this Oxfam Jerry Bucket, an improved version of the original 1998 design. Always intended as a safe water container as opposed to a multipurpose bucket, this 14L capacity, heavy duty, UV resistant, plastic water bucket has a tight-fitting lid, robust flat handle and clip...
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Expression Through Music

20 June 2018
We recently delivered a project: Expression Through Music, which was the result of a successful project proposal being submitted to the Cultural Hub with us receiving a grant of £2,075 to deliver the project. Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high...
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Memories of Yesterday

2 May 2018
I recently delivered two museum engagement outreach sessions for Bendoncare in March and April. Brendoncare are a registered charity who focus on improving the quality of life for older people through their care homes, close care facilities and social clubs across the South of England. Visits were...
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Arts 4 Dementia

11 October 2017
On World Alzheimer’s Day, 21 September, I attended Arts 4 Dementia Reawakening Integrated: Arts & Heritage Symposium . Arts 4 Dementia is a UK charity, founded in 2011 who promote empowerment through artistic stimulation. Reawakening: Integrated Arts Heritage They work with arts venues to provide...
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