Another great collaboration!

7 October 2020


Following on from the last Facebook exhibition we co-curated with TheGallery, our latest collaboration - ‘A Fresher’s Kitchen in Plastics’   – is yet another online exhibition, created to use MoDiP’s collections to inspire AUB Freshers to eat healthily and also feel a little more at home in their new student digs. 

Led by William Hernandez Abreu, Gallery Technician, this project has warmth, a designer’s eye and the well-being of Freshers students at its heart. 

William Hernandez Abreu and Julia Pulman

Together, we worked up the idea of showing new students that their health and well-being are of utmost importance through the selection of bright, uplifting and student-friendly kitchen objects, that could easily be included in a Fresher’s ‘Home Starter Kitchen Kit’ to help making meals a pleasure, with great health benefits both for body and soul. 


The objects selected, demonstrate how plastics are crucial in the design of kitchenware for example the ‘Chop2Pot chopping board’: a lightweight, easily cleaned and most importantly folding chopping board incorporating the innovative ‘living hinge’.

Chop2Pot chopping board

Another object that could only do its job by being made of plastics is the Tupperware ‘Small Wondelier bowl’: lightweight and strong but also translucent - for ease of seeing what’s inside - and incorporating the infamous, resealable (burpable) lid.

Small Wondelier bowl

And all plastics kitchenware can of course be made in any colour of the rainbow, and as bright as you like, as the very building blocks or ingredients (pardon the pun!) of plastics, can take on their desired colour completely ie if you chopped the ‘Chop2Pot chopping board’ in half, it would be bright yellow through and through – how sunny is that for a Fresher’s kitchen?


Julia Pulman, Digital Communications Officer, MoDiP.