Enzo Mari exhibition

15 May 2024
A few weeks ago, the MoDiP staff visited the Enzo Mari retrospective, displayed at the Design Museum in London. The exhibition, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Francesca Giacomelli, focuses on the extensive and exploratory career of Enzo Mari with emphasis on his belief of the social...
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Seen and unseen - Outside

8 May 2024
MoDiP has been really lucky to have had some amazing donations over the years. Sometimes these include objects that we wouldn’t have dreamt that we could have been able to acquire. One such object is on display in our current exhibition, Seen and unseen . The panel on display in the ‘Outside’ case...
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Seen and unseen - Mind your head

24 April 2024
A brief look at cycle helmets The brain injury charity, Headway, state that cycle helmets can save lives and prevent people sustain lifelong brain injury. The hard shell is designed to spread the force of an impact over a broader area which reduces the likelihood of the skull fracturing. The softer...
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Seen and unseen - Microplastics

3 April 2024
One of the themes in our current exhibition, Seen and unseen , is Microplastics . I thought I would use this blog post to think about what microplastics are and why they are an issue. The case is particularly looking at microfibres which are shed from our clothing. Microplastics are released into...
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Seen and unseen - Utilities

13 March 2024
The aim of the Seen and unseen exhibition is to show objects that are we perhaps don’t see even though they might be right in front of us, we don’t notice them or pay them much attention. It also has objects that are literally part of the hidden infrastructure that we don’t see because it is under...
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Seen and unseen - Designed to degrade

28 February 2024
Not to be confused with bioplastics, plastics made from renewable biomass resources such as sugarcane or corn, biodegradable plastics are made from materials that have chemicals added that cause the plastic to break down quickly when exposed to air and sunlight, heat or moisture, triggering...
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Seen and unseen - in cars

21 February 2024
This blog post has been inspired by our current exhibition, Seen and unseen , and one display case in particular, In cars . The use of plastics in cars is not a new phenomenon. In the 1940s, Henry Ford’s investigations resulted in a vehicle described as a ‘plastic car made from soybeans.’ The car’s...
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Seen and unseen - Tree management

7 February 2024
Our latest exhibition, Seen and unseen , looks at objects that use plastics to do a job in such a way that we may not realise that the materials are there or that are so good at their job that we stop paying them too much attention. The first theme featured in the exhibition is, tree management...
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Reuse - PET bottles

25 October 2023
One of the most widely used, and therefore recycled, item of packaging is probably the drinks bottle. The purpose of such a bottle is to, first and foremost, contain a liquid. It acts as a barrier between the drink and the outside world, as such, it prevents contamination and ensures that the drink...
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Reuse exhibition: Design changes

11 October 2023
Our current exhibition, Reuse , has been inspired by legislation which has changed the way products are designed and materials are used. For example, i n 2019, the European Union published a directive that aimed to promote circular approaches to manufacturing giving priority to sustainable and non...
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Another Life

31 May 2023
The Merle Norman cosmetics box bag features in the current MoDiP Reuse exhibition as part of the Another Life case, which looks at other uses for packaging in which some products are offered for sale. AIBDC : 009526 Image credit: MoDiP The Merle Norman brand of cosmetics is not familiar in the UK...
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Architects and Industrial Design.

24 May 2023
Architecture and industrial design are two separate fields of study, but they do share similarities. In essence, both architects and industrial designers are problem solvers and focus on the way people live, but through the lens of different scales and perspectives. Many trained and/or practising...
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