Visual explanation

As part of a Level 5 unit within the BA (Hons) Illustration course, entitled 'Visual Explanation' students were asked to produce a sketch book containing research, idea development and problem-solving strategies and highlight the working, conceptual process to final outcomes in response to a brief, which required pictorial explanatory consideration being given to the 'form and function', of an everyday object within the 21st century.

The context relates to a visual proposal for a design museum and were required to appeal to a young, global audience.

Essentially, the content of the work needed to convey visual information and clarity of explanation about the selected object, by means of symbols and signs as opposed to reliance upon text.

This area, or sector, of illustration requires a particular discipline, which calls upon effective problem-solving and at times, an enhanced form of representation to convey specific details. In turn, because of the explanatory power and qualities that illustration provides, it is considered to be much more advantageous than photography in relation to certain situations and given audiences.