White shirt project

Level 4 BA (Hons) Fashion students were asked to create a shirt inspired by objects from the museum collection as part of one of their early units. 


A close look at a shirt which with exaggerated zigzig collars and button line.

The unit of study introduced the students to the fundamental principles of creating fashion product, realised through three core study components: 

  • Design research methodology, drawing, design development and exploration techniques. 
  • Industry standard digital and traditional pattern cutting, and manufacturing techniques 
  • The study of design theory, exploring historic, cultural, and social events which influenced underpin the design process.  

Objects were used to explore the historical social, cultural and ideological themes in context with the underlying concepts and principles of contemporary fashion practice. Details and shapes from the objects could have been replicated faithfully in the collars, cuffs and silhouettes of the shirts or they could be the starting point of a journey through history, society, and culture.


A group of objects from the collection gathered together in a display.
A group view of the very different shirts.
A group view of the very different shirts.