April 2020

Eat in or take out

29 April 2020
With the lockdown taking hold and working from home, I am finding that snacking has become a real personal issue for me. I am up and down from my computer looking in the cupboard to see if there are any biscuits, of course there aren’t any because I have eaten them all. However, it has made me think...
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The Bioform bra

22 April 2020
MoDiP’s current exhibition, Being me: plastics and the body , contains one case focusing on shaping the body looking at some of the ways in which plastics have been used to change the appearance of the human form. As an example, we chose to feature the Wonderbra , an instantly recognisable and...
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Horn (part 2) My Latest Hornware Find

15 April 2020
I go to car boot sales a lot - there are plenty in Cornwall in both the summer and the winter. I do see a lot of 'tat', but I try not to be too distracted or disheartened by it. Sometimes, however, I find something that is interesting. This I got for £1… It’s a paperknife, made out of horn in the...
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Student Creative - Jak Hansford

8 April 2020
These past 20 weeks of the student creative project with MoDiP has been a journey of exploration and transformation from museum artefact to finished fine art piece. I started my journey through proposing my idea of machine tufting. I had planned to take it in this direction from the very start...
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Student Creative: Judith Allen

1 April 2020
My time making my project as MoDiP student creative has sadly come to an end, but It has been such an enjoyable and exciting experience. Over the course of my time as a MoDiP Student Creative my project has evolved and developed a lot. I was first drawn to the MoDiP Student Creative project due to...
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