Eat in or take out

29 April 2020
With the lockdown taking hold and working from home, I am finding that snacking has become a real personal issue for me. I am up and down from my computer looking in the cupboard to see if there are any biscuits, of course there aren’t any because I have eaten them all. However, it has made me think about one of the earliest MoDiP exhibitions, Eat in or take out, which looked at eating away from the table. The exhibition featured some fabulous objects, I have selected a few below which I am particularly fond of. 
Banana Guard – AIBDC : 005527
I hate bananas. I hate their texture, their flavour, and the way they smell, yuck. There is nothing worse than a banana, other than a squished banana. The Banana Guard was designed to house the fruit and keep it safe whilst in a bag. It has holes in the sides for good air flow keeping the fruit fresh, and the strange shape can accommodate most bananas.

Noodle Pot – AIBDC : 005711
The Pot Noodle pot was quite a controversial object to put on display. Some of our visitors couldn’t understand why we were displaying such a boring, everyday object, whilst others enjoyed having the opportunity to really look at the design and the work that had gone into making something that they had not particularly considered before. 
Funny Bunny Pot – AIBDC : 005619
People who know me, know that I am bunny mad. This little rabbit once contained chocolate eggs and would have been given to someone as an Easter gift. He seems like such a happy bunny. 
Guzzini Pic Bol – AIBDC : 005561
This modern version of Guzzini’s Pic Bol along with its 1970’s ancestor was one of the first objects that I acquired for the museum, so I have quite a special attachment to it. The two salad bowls forming the outer sphere conceal a picnic set for up to six people.
Now I wonder if there are any biscuits in the cupboard, I’ll just go and have a look…
Louise Dennis Curator of MoDiP


Thank you! Now I'm craving noodles...

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