November 2020

Everywhere: Life in a littered world

25 November 2020
By Joanne Lee and Rosemary Shirley Joanne Lee and Rosemary Shirley are the curators of ‘Everywhere: Life in a littered world ’, an online exhibition for The Arts Institute, University of Plymouth, launched alongside Micro2020 , an international scientific conference on the fate and impacts of...
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My plastics at home: part 2.

18 November 2020
As we are now in the second coronavirus lockdown, I thought it would be interesting to re-visit the My plastics at home blog series. The MoDiP team are all working from home for some, if not all, of the week (staff involved in tasks that require access to the collections continue to come onto campus...
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Bois Durci

11 November 2020
These days we are encouraged to buy products made from plastics materials by assurances of the sustainable resources from which they are made. Consumers are increasingly made aware that plastics derived from oil are not always the most environmentally friendly and that there are other options. Bio...
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Innovations in recycling

4 November 2020
One of the great things to come out of the Covid-19 lockdown is the opportunity to access online conversations which might have been inaccessible to us previously. This could be down to the fact that we are not a member of the group having the conversation, or we might not be able to justify a whole...
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