January 2020

Student Creative: Judith Allen

29 January 2020
We are now half way through the MoDiP creative bursary and it’s been incredibly exciting to see how my project has changed and grown. I applied to the bursary with the goal of wanting to use my practice as an illustrator to tell the stories behind the objects within the museum, drawing on my...
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Seaweed (algae) Plastic

22 January 2020
Over Christmas, my daughter and I had a go at making some seaweed (more accurate to call it algae) plastic as part of her GCSE Graphics project work. She had been inspired by a news story referencing the 2019 London Marathon, where runners had been given edible seaweed pouches filled with Lucozade...
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We’ve Got a Fuzzbox Picture Disc and We’re Going to Display it!

15 January 2020
We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use it! were an all-girl English alternative rock/pop punk band from Birmingham who formed in 1985 and after shortening their name to Fuzzbox, recorded 6 UK Top 75 hits during their career (to date). Fuzzbox AIBDC : 0_2235 The Top 75 Singles Chart now utilises a...
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Charles Jencks

8 January 2020
Charles Jencks (1939 – 2019) Architect, garden designer, critic and theorist Vacuum flask , designed for Bodum, designer unknown, AIBDC: 000746 Charles Jencks, who died in October, is remembered as the writer who announced the death of Modernism and was the catalyst for Postmodernism. His book, The...
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