February 2020

The Shape of Jazz to Come by Ornette Coleman

26 February 2020
The Shape of Jazz to Come is the highly influential third album by Ornette Coleman and was issued on the Atlantic record label – his first record for the label - in 1959. The album has been categorised as either avant-garde jazz or free jazz – a term Coleman coined from the title of one of his...
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Horn (part 1)

19 February 2020
`Swift is the hare, cunning is the fox, Why should not the little calf grow up to be an ox, to get his own living midst the briars and thorns, and die like his daddy with a GREAT PAIR OF HORNS.` (Song of the Dorset Ooser). Rebecca Davies My name is Rebecca Davies and I am a graduate in Archaeology...
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Student Creative: Jak Hansford

12 February 2020
MoDiP Midway Progression It’s now halfway through my student creative journey and the project has really begun to transform through experimentation. The process began from selecting key objects from MoDiP and observing them through drawing and photography. Studying these was helpful in...
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Student Creative: Ellie Jones

5 February 2020
I have been continuing to make work with/about MoDiP’s collection of photographs. The museum has a wealth of historical documentation in the photographs of factories that is a part of their enormous collection, and I continue to find myself drawn to them and inspired by them. I want to show the...
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