September 2020

Petit Pli – a plastics contribution to slow fashion

30 September 2020
When we think about plastics, it is easy to forget that this material family includes a large and ever-growing number of synthetic fabrics. Developed from the second half of the 19th century, familiar examples include polyester (introduced in 1941) with easy-care properties and Lycra ® (invented in...
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Dart and the humble, disposable EPS cup

23 September 2020
You might be wondering what’s so special about a humble disposable expanded polystyrene cup and why it warrants a place in the Museum of Design in Plastics collection. It is an object that most of us have encountered at some point in our lives, but we now might do less frequently as manufacturers...
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Synthetica: a toxic enchantment ONLINE

16 September 2020
Synthetica is a chamber opera about plastics with libretto and music by Karen Wimhurst, created during her residency at MoDiP. Following my post of 22 July, I am pleased to share the good news that Arts Council England have agreed that, because of the shut down of theatres caused by Covid 19, we can...
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Your five a day

9 September 2020
Inspired by our current #anappleaday social media campaign for September, I thought why not show how our collections can encourage us to reach the ultimate healthy-eating goal, and go the whole hog (not a great expression for a vegetarian) with a blog post featuring your 'five a day' fruit and veg...
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Talking about toothbrushes

2 September 2020
MoDiP has many toothbrushes in its collections. There are gimmicky ones like the thermochromic example, with a handle that changes colour with heat from the hand, or one that glows-in-the-dark . There are those conceived by well-known designers such as Philippe Starck and Martyn Rowlands . There are...
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