March 2020

Student Creative: Ellie Jones

25 March 2020
MoDiP Final Blog Post My initial inspiration for this project was the large archive of photographs in the MoDiP collection. The majority of them are black and white and show British plastic factories and workers of the 1960’s and 70’s which was a time when there was a massive increase in demand for...
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Being me: plastics and the body

23 March 2020
Due to the Covid-19 outbreak the museum is closed along with the rest of the AUB campus. As such you can't come and see our new exhibition in the flesh (as it were) but you can still enjoy it on our website. The problems that plastics can create for the human body are now becoming better understood...
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Plastic bags

18 March 2020
From the beginning of this month (01/03/20), New York became the eighth state in America to impose a single-use plastic bag ban. Many countries have already phased out the ‘disposable’ plastic bag including Bangladesh, the first to do so in 2002. In the UK, a 5p plastic bag fee was first introduced...
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Sustainable design in plastics

11 March 2020
Each year the AUB runs a programme of events under the auspice of AUB Human . AUB Human brings together award winning industry professionals, students and academics for a series of workshops, talks, exhibitions, and the one-day symposium. This year’s theme, New Narratives, will envision a future...
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Reuse, Re-Think, Reduce

4 March 2020
Plastics play an important role in human life. They have shaped and had an impact on culture and society, whilst enabling design solutions to problems. In recent years, there has been increasing concern regarding their impact on society, especially when they become waste. There are two distinct...
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