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MoDiP is delighted to be supported by Symphony Environmental Ltd

The company

Symphony Environmental Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of a UK company, Symphony Environmental Technologies Ltd, which was founded in 1995 and is a world leader in ‘Controlled-Life’ oxo-biodegradable plastic.  Its leading brand d2w, can transform the most widely used single use plastics, if left in the open environment, into nothing more than carbon dioxide, water and organic matter.   As of 2018, it has over 50 distributors around the world and is active in over 90 countries.  It has also developed anti-microbial, anti-counterfeiting, flame retardant, insecticide and anti-odour technologies. The company is dedicated to innovative solutions to health and environmental problems.

The interaction

The collaboration between Symphony Environmental Ltd and MoDiP has led to the development of a guide that explores and evaluates environmentally friendly plastics and recycling, the latter being the most widely accepted solution to an environmentally friendly lifecycle for products made of plastics.

MoDiP is most grateful for Symphony Environmental Ltd’s collaboration and would like to thank Paula Hickford for her invaluable support and advice.

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