House of Commons visit

27 March 2024
On Monday 18th March, my colleague Dr Christian McLening, Director of Research and Development at AUB, and I were invited to join the University of Birmingham at the launch of their Sustainable Plastics Policy Commission at the House of Commons, London. We were invited on the back of our successful...
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Bright Horizons: Eco-plastic Detectives

20 March 2024
Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming the Talbot Woods Bright Horizons Nursery group to explore the magic of plastics and benefits of recycling. Our program began with a tour of the library where the students were dazzled by the current library exhibit, Strange Nature: Costumes Inspired by...
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Seen and unseen - Utilities

13 March 2024
The aim of the Seen and unseen exhibition is to show objects that are we perhaps don’t see even though they might be right in front of us, we don’t notice them or pay them much attention. It also has objects that are literally part of the hidden infrastructure that we don’t see because it is under...
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European House of History - External Loan

6 March 2024
Recently some of our objects have been featured at the European House of History in their temporary exhibit, Throwaway. “Throwaway” is a project that unearths the hidden history of waste in Europe while simultaneously highlighting its significance as a marker of social change. Starting with the...
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Seen and unseen - Designed to degrade

28 February 2024
Not to be confused with bioplastics, plastics made from renewable biomass resources such as sugarcane or corn, biodegradable plastics are made from materials that have chemicals added that cause the plastic to break down quickly when exposed to air and sunlight, heat or moisture, triggering...
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Seen and unseen - in cars

21 February 2024
This blog post has been inspired by our current exhibition, Seen and unseen , and one display case in particular, In cars . The use of plastics in cars is not a new phenomenon. In the 1940s, Henry Ford’s investigations resulted in a vehicle described as a ‘plastic car made from soybeans.’ The car’s...
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Preservation Series - Polyurethane

14 February 2024
Hello all, Welcome back to the final instalment of the preservation series where we discuss how to identify and care for sensitive plastics that you may have in your collection. In previous posts we have reviewed cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – you can find the...
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Seen and unseen - Tree management

7 February 2024
Our latest exhibition, Seen and unseen , looks at objects that use plastics to do a job in such a way that we may not realise that the materials are there or that are so good at their job that we stop paying them too much attention. The first theme featured in the exhibition is, tree management...
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Preservation Series - Polyvinyl Chloride

1 February 2024
Hello and welcome back, This week we are continuing our preservation blog series with an introduction to Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC. Past blogs in this series have focused on the importance of plastic identification when attempting to plastics. Specifically, signs of degradation to look out for and...
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New exhibition: Seen and unseen

24 January 2024
We have recently opened a fabulous new exhibition, See and unseen . It is packed full of really interesting objects which explore topics such as safety, b iodegradability , and microplastics. We have really enjoyed selecting the objects on display as well as researching their design stories. The...
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