EarthPercent Evovinyl

19 June 2024
Hello all, Today we have a post for all of the music lovers and record collectors out there. One of our recent additions to the collection is a limited-edition vinyl made entirely out of Evovinyl ( AIBDC : 009967 ), a bioplastic/plant-based polymer developed by Evolution Music. This vinyl was...
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Seen and unseen - On the road

12 June 2024
When was the last time you looked at a traffic cone? I mean, really considered it. Have you thought about how was it made, what is it doing, how did it get where it is? Well, now is your chance. We have a cone on display in our current exhibition, Seen and unseen . The first traffic cone as we know...
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Museum Week 2024 - Biodiversity

5 June 2024
This week we are celebrating museums and cultural organizations around the globe by participating in Museum Week 2024. Each day of this week is set apart with a unique theme that encourages art and culture centres, such as MoDiP, to highlight aspects of their collection and everyday activities...
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Picnic with MoDiP

29 May 2024
Hello all, I hope you enjoyed an extended bank holiday weekend. While trying to think of a topic for the blog post last week, my mind kept redirecting towards my own plans for the bank holiday which gave me an idea: A picnic inspired by MoDiP. The MoDiP collection is filled with a wide variety of...
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Seen and unseen - Warning

22 May 2024
As part of our series of blog posts relating to our Seen and unseen exhibition, I am taking a closer look at the Warning case particularly the Utility barrier. The utility or manhole barrier acts as a warning sign and obstruction to prevent pedestrians from falling into a hole in the ground created...
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Enzo Mari exhibition

15 May 2024
A few weeks ago, the MoDiP staff visited the Enzo Mari retrospective, displayed at the Design Museum in London. The exhibition, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Francesca Giacomelli, focuses on the extensive and exploratory career of Enzo Mari with emphasis on his belief of the social...
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Seen and unseen - Outside

8 May 2024
MoDiP has been really lucky to have had some amazing donations over the years. Sometimes these include objects that we wouldn’t have dreamt that we could have been able to acquire. One such object is on display in our current exhibition, Seen and unseen . The panel on display in the ‘Outside’ case...
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Mystery of the Paliwear Cascelloid coat

1 May 2024
Hello all, A recent donation to our collection has sparked interest and amusement among the MoDiP team as we have very limited information on its production and every research attempt, thus far, has led to a dead end. Researching the origins and history of objects in our collection is one of my...
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Seen and unseen - Mind your head

24 April 2024
A brief look at cycle helmets The brain injury charity, Headway, state that cycle helmets can save lives and prevent people sustain lifelong brain injury. The hard shell is designed to spread the force of an impact over a broader area which reduces the likelihood of the skull fracturing. The softer...
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Fisholow Plasticrate

10 April 2024
We have recently received a very interesting donation of a Fisholow Plasticrate from one of our regular researchers, Roger Walker. This yellow crate was constructed for Fisher and Ludlow Ltd. out of polyethylene on The Projectile & Engineering Company Ltd. (Peco) 60 MR injection moulding machine...
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