EarthPercent Evovinyl

19 June 2024

Hello all,

Today we have a post for all of the music lovers and record collectors out there. One of our recent additions to the collection is a limited-edition vinyl made entirely out of Evovinyl (AIBDC : 009967), a bioplastic/plant-based polymer developed by Evolution Music. This vinyl was designed and released by EarthPercent, a charity co-founded by Brian Eno, in collaboration with Earth Day 2023. A minimum of £25.10 from the £35 sale price of all records sold during this initiative is donated to EarthPercent to raise money for the most impactful environmental organizations such as Cool Earth, the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, GreenWave, and many others. This specific record is one of three released during this collaboration and includes songs from Michael Stipe (feat. Gaelynn Lea), Andy LeMaster, Holly Humberstone, and Anna Calvi.  

The use of Evovinyl in this record (and all records made with Evovinyl) has potential to revolutionize the music industry by creating a fossil-fuel free future for recordings. As reported by Evolution Music, the global production of records in one year is close to 180 million, which requires the fabrication of over 30,000 tonnes of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Large scale PVC manufacturing has detrimental effects on the planet and is often regarded as one of the most environmentally damaging plastics to produce. Negative impacts such as ozone depletion through the release of carbon tetrachloride, environmental degradation from burning of fossil fuels in the production of chlorine, and the contamination of waterways from dumping chemical waste (plastic pellets and mercury) are all directly associated with the fabrication of PVC. Therefore, access to an alternative and similarly stable material like Evovinyl is exceedingly important.

The process used by Evolution Music to produce records and LP’s has remained the same, aside from the raw material used, and they have worked with various production plants to ensure that Evovinyl works with a range of pressing machines. Initial manufacturing runs showed that, because Evovinyl can be pressed at lower temperature, a 15% reduction in energy consumption was recorded. On a commercial scale, this was found to be closer to a 50% reduction in energy usage. Additionally, any wasted material or scraps created through the pressing process are reground and used to create ‘Evovinyl regrind’ LPs, which contain the same quality of material as the original records with a fun mix of colours. Through this thoughtful and environmentally conscious technique, Evolution Music has created a nearly zero waste and industrially compostable product with Evovinyl.

More and more industries are beginning to introduce and see the benefit in using plant-based plastics, so we are thrilled to see this movement in the record and music industry as well. The next time you’re considering buying a record, be on the lookout for Evovinyl.

Shannon Carr,

MoDiP Collections Officer