Is it ever too cold for ice cream?

1 March 2023
Short answer: no, certainly not in my house! And certainly not in MoDiP either as we have some great objects linked to this tasty desert which I would like to share with you here. Image credit: Katherine Pell First up is this child’s toy in the shape of a football (refer image above). What does that...
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Latrine slab, Oxfam, 2022

22 February 2023
My favourite object from the ‘In a crisis’ case within MoDiP’s current exhibition, Endurance, is the rather plain looking latrine slab. Easily overlooked, it is actually a very important structural design solution to the problem of providing toilet facilities for the humanitarian sector. AIBDC...
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A pair of celluloid heels, part 1.

15 February 2023
We recently acquired this lovely pair of celluloid heels (refer image below). Image credit: Katherine Pell They consist of a wooden heel that has been covered by a thin layer of black coloured cellulose nitrate (celluloid), which has then been decorated with paste stones and metal granulation...
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WaterWheel, Wello, 2022

8 February 2023
Water is an essential requirement for all life, but it is estimated that over two billion people live in areas where there is no access to clean water. Across the world many women and children travel long distances each day to collect water for drinking, hygiene and crop irrigation, affecting life...
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Bee Saviour Behaviour card

1 February 2023
Just before Christmas, MoDiP acquired a Bee Saviour Behaviour card (refer image below). The Bee Saviour Behaviour card shown front (top, left) and back (bottom, left) alongside packaging (right). Image credit: Katherine Pell It is an easy-to-carry bee rescue kit that contains a sugar solution which...
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Sleep Pod, Ian Ashby, Justin Devereux and Pete Kenyon, 2018

25 January 2023
When we began planning for the Endurance exhibition, we considered many different environments a person might find themselves in and how plastics materials can help them to survive in those particular conditions. For example, we wanted to examine difficult situations such as exploring the Arctic...
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Veret electric bed warmer, Ernest Paul Feakes, 1937

18 January 2023
Mindful of the cost-of-living crisis, my family have been using our rubber hot water bottles far more this winter than we have done in previous years. They are a fantastic invention and help with the energy-saving mantra I keep reading everywhere: ‘heat the person, not the room’. MoDiP does not...
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Endurance - in a flood

11 January 2023
In 2020 England recorded record breaking levels of rainfall which had a devastating impact on thousands of homes and communities. It is estimated that over 5.2 million properties in England are currently at risk of rising water levels and, although the government has pledged to double the amount...
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Anya Hindmarch - a triptych

4 January 2023
Anya Hindmarch founded her business in London in 1987. The luxury brand is now known for its ground-breaking work in sustainability. It is committed to creating responsibly, and striving to innovate to reduce its impact on the earth, whilst also using its platform to drive education and discussion...
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Endurance - in a coldstore

28 December 2022
One of the cases in our current exhibition, Endurance , looks at what workers in a coldstore need to keep them at a healthy body temperature. Hot and cold working spaces are assessed for risk under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Under this act, organisations and companies are expected to do...
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